Thanks in advance for your interest in FBC Weekday Preschool. We are a weekday preschool that offers a Christian environment which helps your child develop social and academic readiness skills for success not only in kindergarten, but later in their schooling and their life. The school extends this service to families within our church and community and to those of other denominations and faith. We offer several whole school field trips, grade level trips and guest speakers as well as night events including spring concerts and dad's night. 

Our goals for your child include:

  • To develop a positive self-concept and to experience success;
  • To develop respect for others
  • To grow in their ability to work and play with others;
  • To expand language abilities and to develop pre-reading skills
  • To develop gross motor and fine motor coordination and enhance established skills
  • To grow in the awareness and knowledge of our world;
  • To develop a love and desire (and to become) a lifelong learner. 

Classes are offered for children ages two-and-a-half through Pre-K. A child must be two-and-a-half*, three, or four years old by September 30th of the beginning school year in order to enter the respective class. All children are to be potty trained before entering the Pre-K class. Potty training is not necessary in the younger classes.

**Exception: we can take (5) children who are not 2 1/2, but are 2, by September 30th. First come, first serve. 

School hours are 8:45 am to 11:45 am daily. Our school year runs from Labor Day through Memorial Day