Disciple Now

Disciple Now weekend is a unique youth retreat. Students are invited to step away from their regular lives and routines in order to engage more fully with the God's calling. We don't travel this weekend, but instead students stay in church host homes and worship is held in our own space, the Loft. Students and other volunteers will have an opportunity to engage in local missional experiences on Saturday morning, and we end our weekend by worshiping together with our church family at 11am on Sunday morning. 

Our theme this year is Face Your World. Justin Pierson will be our camp speaker for the weekend and Sarah McCoy's Band will be leading worship for us! 

$65/student includes weekend of fun, 5 meals, long-sleeve t-shirt, admission to Jump C-ville, and plenty of laughs. 

Our sibling discount is in effect for this event. $65 for the first student, 25%off for each additional student ($48.75).

$65 + $48.75= $113.75  2 siblings

$65+ $48.75 + $48.75= $162.50 3 siblings

$65+ $48.75 + $48.75+ $48.75+ $211.25 4 siblings

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these are adult sized t shirts