Since initiating the 2020 Vision Report in November 2016, we have been busy working through our strategic priorities. To date, we have implemented the majority of our goals and, therefore, need to bring you in on that energy so you can help us ‘check-up’ on our progress as well as dream of what is next. In short, it is time for a check-up. 

Over the next two months, we will create meaningful space for reflection and dialogue with the membership of First Baptist. Just like in 2016, we will host three listening sessions each building on one another to help give us a thorough examination of the ministries, dreams, and missions of First Baptist (i.e. a check-up). 

Our opening listening session is January 12. We will check-in on the current ministries and missions of First Baptist. In our second session on February 3, we will check-on a missing piece to our 2020 Strategic Priorities: Stewardship. In 2016, we placed Stewardship as a major bucket, but we have not actively engaged the strategic priorities yet. We need to check-on our finances by sharing important financial data while capturing your feedback and reflections. Lastly, on February 16, we will check-out by dreaming of our future. By using the word “check-out,” we mean it in the sense of checking out at the grocery store. We will take those things we have purchased, those things that we have collected and sacrificed for, and we will take them with us into our future.

We believe by checking in, on, and out, we can solidify new and existing goals to lead us into 2020. Every part of me believes God is active and alive at First Baptist. In every season of the last three calendar years, we have seen significant, life-transforming stories from people and families. It is time we bring these stories together, dream of where we can go, and develop a financial plan to take us into the future.

Check-Up Listening Sessions Dates

Check-In - January 12 - 9:30am-11:30am - Light Refreshments

Check-On - February 3 - 12pm-2pm - Lunch following an 11am Joint Service in the Sanctuary

Check-Out - February 16 - 9am-11am - Youth Pancake Breakfast & Fundraiser

For those woh cannot attend this Saturday breakfast, a second opportunity will be available on February 24 during the adult portion of Sunday Night Live.