July 22-26 - 5:30-8pm - Dinner Included!


Vacation Bible School isn’t just for kids. Sign-up below and join Pastor Barrett as he leads a four-day, adult study on the Enneagram!

This is a great opportunity to invite friends to First Baptist. Childcare is available for infants if you participate in the adult study or as a volunteer for the kids' VBS. 

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The Enneagram is a container to help us hold deep truths. Similar to what the Bible is for Christians, the Enneagram provides boundaries for us to think deeply about God, ourselves, and how relationships with one another (and ourselvs) fits in this world. The Enneagram is not meant to replace scripture nor is it meant to be worshipped. It is simply a container to hold us as we reflect on deep truths. These four days will be dedicated to learning the container and seeing how it helps us explore an even deeper life of spirituality.

Monday: Finding Your Ego-Type

With nine different entry points to living in the world, the Enneagram offers incredible insights to our ways of being and implulses. On this opening night, we’ll study together how the Enneagram works and what our entry point is into this conversation.

Tuesday: Centers, Wings, Arrows, & Sins

The Enneagram is more than a circle. It’s also divided into three different centers as well as wings with arrows. Together, we will learn the intricacies of the Enneagram and what this means for all of us.

Wednesday: My Soul-Child

Before pain entered our world, we lived as our soul-child. Unfortunately, pain caused us to create a shell around our God-given identity. The Enneagram speaks about the soul-child and offers insight to the person God made all of us to be.

Thursday: Integrating and Disintegrating

The Enneagram shows levels of integration and disintegration. Understanding this deep truth will send you on a lifetime of exploration with this useful tool.

Friday: No Class.

Closing celebration with the kids and then an outdoor Food, Fun, and Fellowship block party.