The Kids' Ministry of First Baptist Waynesboro is a place where kids come together to learn, worship, and celebrate God's love and grace. 

Sunday School

Ten o'clock on Sunday mornings is designated for churchwide Bible Study. This Sunday School hour offers several options or children. Infants thru five year olds attend Sunday School in the Preschool building just beyond the Fellowship Hall and the playground. The 0-3 years olds are downstairs while with 4-5 year olds are upstairs. 

In the educational wing underneath the Fellowship Hall is where students in 1st-5th grade attend. Open assembly begins at 10am and students in 1st-3rd grade break off from the 4th-5th graders to have individual time. 

Feel free to find a Greeter to find out where to take your kids. 

Wednesday Evening 

From 5:00-6:00pm, families gather in the Fellowship Hall for a meal. At 6pm the children leave to go to Bible study downstairs in the children's wing. The children have started a new Wednesday night curriculum, Spark, which is a mission-based curriculum. They'll also be doing March Missions Madness all throughout the month of March.

Kids' Ministry Events and Sign-ups