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All ministry teams are lead by current diaconate members with additional members from the congregation at large. Participation duties and times are flexible so members are able serve at times that work with their schedules and suit their talents. We invite you to join a team and help us serve First Baptist!

Welcome Ministry – reaches out to visitors with calls, cards, or personal greetings. When new or returning visitors fill out the communication cards, a team member calls and offers a front-door visit and extends an invitation to come again. Information about FBC programs is provided, or contacts are offered. The Welcome Minsitry also coordinates Greeters for the early worship service. 

Child-watch Ministry – offers child-watch for families participating in church activities and business outside of the normal Sunday morning and Wednesday evening schedules. This team helps families with kids in so everyone feels they are able to connect and serve the Lord through the local church. 

Connections Ministry – keeps in touch with church members and visitors with greeting cards and phone calls. Members contact those in the hospital, with a death of illness in the family, or with a joyous occasion to celebrate. They also send birthday cards to homebound members and stay in touch with members who have lost loved ones during the past year.

Church Rides Ministry – provides rides to and from Sunday and Wednesday church services for members unable to drive. Team co-chairs will provide a monthly schedule for members.

Prayer Ministry – prays daily for the needs of the church, its members, our community, and others. Members coordinate prayer requests, send notes of support as needed, and maintain the private prayer room at FBW. Prayer requests are received via a 24 hour telephone prayer line as well as email, or through the church office. Confidentiality is a priority for team members. 

Grief Support Ministry - offers support to the bereaved during the time of loss to assure them that the church family cares and they are not alone. Team members contact the family and provide the support necessary just after the death of a loved one by reaching out to other teams for Meals, Rides, Small Jobs, etc. Members may also assist by managing the Grief Support calendar, or by praying for church members. 

Homebound Ministry - maintains relationships with FBW members who are confined to their home or a nursing facility by visiting monthly. Team members are assigned specific individuals to visit and relate their needs and condition to church staff and other diaconate teams. The team also coordinates serving of communion and delivers flowers at Christmas. These relationships are a personal way to keep homebound members connected to FBW

Baptism Ministry – works with the church minister to coordinate the ordinance of baptism as needed throughout the year.

Hospital Visitation Ministry – visits church members in local hospitals and short term nursing home rehabilitation facilities. The team chair prepares a monthly visitation schedule for members based their schedules or preferences- typically 1 day/month. Members keep church staff or other teams informed of any special needs .

Meals Ministry – provides dinner or food items to help members and their families during a major event or change in their lives. This can include an illness or injury, a return from the hospital, a death in the family, and a joyous occasion such as the birth of a child, a special family event, or just to say we care. 

Small Jobs Team– performs small household jobs for members on an as needed or occasional basis. These jobs can include changing hard-to-reach light bulbs or smoke detector batteries, light furniture moving, yard work, or other needed tasks. 

Lord’s Supper Team– coordinates the preparation of the ordinance of the Lords Supper for all communion services and homebound members. Co-chairs schedule deacons or former deacons to serve at each communion throughout the year.