“I Will Do My Part” Pledge

We’ve started a stewardship campaign for 2019. We need your help. Below is a portion of the letter that went out to regular givers outlining the campaign strategy.

On February 3, 2019, we held our second listening session of the year. At this meeting titled Check-On: A Needed Conversation on Stewardship, we reported on the current trends of our finances. For instance, in 2018, we finished the year with $633K in receipts but $701K in expenses. Thankfully, this $68K shortfall was able to be controlled because of our healthy savings accounts.

Moving forward, though, we cannot rely on past savings to cover operational expenses. Also in this meeting, we unveiled a financial campaign strategy, I’ll Do My Part, as a way forward to help ensure we do not run a deficit again. We are asking for 200 giving units to pledge an extra $35/mo for 2019. If we receive the same $633K from 2018 plus the additional $35/mo from 200 families, not only do we close the deficit, we actually meet budget. It is that simple!

Attached is a form you can fill out and return to us in order to help us reach this goal. We recognize $35/mo is not doable for every family. You, therefore, can pledge half a unit or any dollar amount of your choosing. If you are unable to give, you can still “Do Your Part” by committing to pray for First Baptist as we attempt to close the gap on our financial shortfall. If you do not currently give monthly, this is a great time to start. A simple $35/mo gift goes a long way to furthering God’s Kingdom through First Baptist. Thank you for committing your spiritual and social life to First Baptist. We are grateful for how you make us a better church.

Giving financially to a church is sacrificial. It requires great faith to give your hard-earned money to an institution with hopes that it contributes to the mission of the organization. At First Baptist, your money does. Every dollar you give helps further the ongoing creation of God’s Kingdom. Through children and youth activities to worship and missions to faith small groups and faith-n-film nights, we are the presence of Christ in this community and to maintain that presence requires a consistent flow of money.

We want you to give to First Baptist with the understanding of how effective your money is. People are introduced to Christ’s love and God’s grace because of our presence. Community is formed and shared and mission work is accomplished because of your donations. Children are raised up in a community of faith because of your willingness to give. So, will you join our “I’ll Do My Part” campaign?

If so, you can fill out the pledge card above and submit it to our office.

Pastor Barrett