Last summer, I started a journey with you here at First Baptist exploring my call to ministry as a CBF Student.Church intern.

I participated in worship, staff meetings, VBS and the Habitat mission trip. I was able to see the front lines of ministry and behind the scenes. Halfway through the summer, I knew I wanted to come back because I felt like my time was not finished.

After leaving last summer, I attended Selah Vie, a camp for Student.Church interns and young adults to debrief their summer and life.

Selah Vie’s goal is to “unpack our experience” and help us prepare to go back to “normal” life. We do this by reflecting with other interns about our experiences and talking with ministers who have journeyed alongside us. We talk about plans for our future and the options we have to continue our call to ministry, and how to figure out what God is calling us to do so we can transition into the next chapter of our lives easier. Also, what is camp without a zip-line and lake? I had the opportunity to “let loose,” literally on a zip-line. I can say that zip-line metaphorically defined my experience last summer.

Initially, I was terrified to jump off the ledge (I do not like heights). My legs were shaking, and I told the attendant that I wanted to get off and go back down. She responded with, “Ok, but I am gonna convince you to jump off the ledge first.”

I am so glad she did. I had the most fun.

I am back with you this summer for a second jump. I have completed my sophomore year of college and declared a major, Christian studies with double minors in psychology and studio art. There has never been a decision in my life that has brought me as much peace as declaring this major. Because of God’s work in my life and places like First Baptist, I now feel called to prison ministry and art therapy. I do not know how I will navigate the path towards that, but maybe I can figure it out this summer. I cannot wait to take a second jump with you.

—Annette Coe