In All of Us is Christ's Light

On the first day of creation, God says, ‘Let there be light.’ From that moment, particles of light shot across the pages of scripture landing inside all creatures, characters, and cities making light one of, if not, the most important metaphor in all of scripture. Examples help. 

  • In Genesis 1, God says, “Let there be light.” 

  • In the Torah, Israel is said to be the light to all nations. 

  • Psalm 89 says for us to “walk in God’s light.”

  • Psalm 119 famously says, “God’s word is a lamp unto my feet. A light unto my path.”  

  • The Prophet Isaiah says God’s justice acts a light to the nations. 

  • The Prologue to John says “light shines in the darkness and darkness cannot overcome it.” 

  • John also says, “those who live by truth it come into the light.” 

  • Jesus says in the gospels that he is the “light of the world.”

  • In 2 Corinthians 4, Paul says, “God’s light shines in our hearts.” 

  • In 1 John 1, followers of Jesus are called “children of light.” 

  • In Revelation 22, the Bible ends with everyone at the River of Life and there is this peculiar phrase, “and they have no need for the sun for Christ is their light.” 

Light is literally the metaphor used in the beginning of the Bible, in the middle of the Bible, and at the end of the Bible. It is used for the telling of creation, 

. . . the forming of the law, 

. . . God’s provisions through the wilderness, 

. . . the wars of the OT, 

. . . as an image from the prophets, 

. . . as the words from Jesus himself about his ministry, 

. . . his parables, 

. . . his miracles, and 

. . . his death and resurrection. 

Light is used to describe the start of Christianity, our witness to the Gentiles, the beginnings of the early church, evangelization, and even to help us with a personal, spiritual relationship with God. Even Revelation uses it to imagine life after death. 

So yes, light is the crimson thread that runs through all books, all characters, and all stories of the Bible. And here is something else that is amazingly cool about light: 


In science, specifically thinking astrophysics and cosmology but also biology and even chemistry, there is something known as a neutrino.

I am no scientist, but from what I understand, when particles are broken down to their smallest components (atoms split into strings), at the core, elemental parts that connect all things . . . and I am talking humans, and planets, and stars, and skin cells, and animals, and black holes, and plants . . . inside everything are streaks of light that the human eye cannot see. These streaks are neutrinos, and they float through darkness unaffected by matter.

I am running the risk of oversimplifying something highly complex, but scientists seem to agree on something scripture already knows to be true: In everything there is light. In everything there are neutrinos. 

I take this to mean, in everything (and everyone), there are steaks of Christ’s light. Nothing in this world is pure darkness. Everything has light. You have it. I have it. We have God’s light within us. The same light that boomed out into time and space from Genesis 1 at the beginning of all things is in us. This means we are not pure evil. There is nothing that is pure evil or pure darkness because in everything (even darkness) there are streaks of Christ’s light. 

Now, we may have attempted to cover these streaks up. We may have hidden our light from our soul or repressed our emotions to help us not feel or see this light. We may have given up that any part of us is redeemable, but what scripture and science remind us is that no matter how dark it gets, no darkness is void of light.

This is the way God built us. This is how life works. We have a soul that connects to God that reflects Christ’s light. In us (maybe deep in us in a place we have long forgotten, but still, in us) is Christ’s light. 

Pastor Barrett