Small Group Name: It Takes Two to Tango

About this small group: This group will be focused on growing a two member family closer to each other and closer to God. It will be mainly discussion and fellowship. We hope to use this group to be a safe place to "get real; the good, the bad and the ugly" truths we all face through not only marriage, but our individual lives as well.

Facilitator's Name: Bobby and Lydia Wood

Bobby and Lydia Wood have been FBCW Members for a year and half and are fairly new to Waynesboro. Bobby works as a Goodwill supervisor and Lydia is a Kindergarten Teacher in Stuart's Draft. Through many differing struggles we have faced together, by grace we have always fought together and grown closer in the end. We look forward to diving into a study that will open conversations and share in the laughters and trials we all face.

Who can join this small group? Couples (without kids) looking to deepen their relationship and walk along other similar-in-age couples. 


Topic: Book study for couple enrichment by Rob Bell. 

Any cost or anticipated expenses? Zimzum of Love - less that $10 with Amazon Prime

Start Date: ASAP

What days of the week to meet (i.e. Every Tuesday, Second Sunday)?: Every Other Thursday

How many weeks wil your group meet? 6 weeks

Time: 7-8:30pm

When should registration close?: 02/16/2017

Where will your group meet?: Church Education Building - Room TBD