Our day is structured to provide a safe, nurturing environment that allows for children to discover and explore. We strive to develop not only academic growth, but social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth in our young students.

Preschoolers learn best in an environment that encourages a predictable daily schedule and routine that creates a sense of classroom community as well as a sense of what they can expect and predict on their own.. Children at FBC Weekday Preschool engage in daily routines including: circle time, outdoor play or indoor gross motor movements, story time, learning center time, art, music, and small group instruction. 


The Importance of Play

FBC Weekday Preschool continues to operate under the belief that preschoolers learn best through developing their interests and through developmentally appropriate play-based experiences. Play will continue to be the main focus of our daily routine through centers such as blocks, dramatic play, sensory tables, manipulatives, fine and gross motor skill building and pre-writing and writing activities.