Sunday School


First Baptist places a strong emphasis on each individual pursuing God on their own through the Bible.  We offer Sunday School as a primary way of gathering with others to learn more about God through the study of the Bible.  Sunday School classes meet from 9:50 - 10:45 am each Sunday.  Classes are offered for every age group.  Sunday School offers everyone a chance to study the Bible along with the natural fellowship and friendships that naturally develop.  Sunday School is a critical component in First Baptist Church's strategy of faith development for all ages.

Join us in-between worship at 9:45am for Sunday School. Contact the church office for more information about any of the following class options.  

Click here to download a list of Sunday School classes

Preschool Classes

Birth - Kindergarten

  • Meet in the Preschool Place
  • Contact Pastor Lacey Wondree for more information

Children’s Classes

Grades 1-5

  • Meet in Children’s Wing
  • (below Fellowship Hall/Kitchen)
  • Contact Pastor Lacey Wondree for more information

Youth Classes

Grades 6-12

  • Meet in the LOFT
  • (3rd Floor Education Building)
  • Contact Pastor Ben Brown for more information

College Student Summer Class

  • Where: 1st Floor, Main Bldg, Conference Room
  • Who: College Students
  • What: A summer class especially for students who are home for the summer from their colleges.
  • Contact: Pastor Barrett for information

Young Adult Class

F.I.G.     (Fill in the Gap)    

  • Where: 2nd Floor Education Bldg, E-200
  • Who: Young-median adults
  • What: A diverse group of adults and couples (20’s – 60’s). Great class for visitors/new members. Fun-loving, welcoming group.
  • Leader: Sheila Roller

Adult Classes

Dave Farris    

  • Where: Lower Fellowship Hall, 113
  • Who: Men age 50 and up
  • What: Named for a member who was killed in an auto accident, this class uses Formations material to study major Biblical and life themes during the year.
  • Leaders: Jim Nichols, Gary Holste, and Ralph Billings


  • Where: 1st Floor, Education Bldg, E-102
  • Who: couples age 50 and up. 
  • What: A mix of classic Bible study and contemporary insight. 
  • Leader: Stu Crow

Holy Macs    

  • Where:  1st Floor, Education Bldg, E-100
  • Who: Men and women age 50+
  • What: The Holy Mackerels selected their moniker from the symbol of the early church, the fish. The members strive to become “fishers of people” as they explore scriptures together.
  • Leader: Team-taught by classmates

In the Same Boat    

  • Where: 2nd Floor, Education Bldg, E-201
  • Who: Adults 30-55
  • What: Started as a class for parents with teenage children several years ago, it has since evolved into a class of adults, basically of any age, with or without children! Curriculum general focuses on how to be a Christian in the world we live in today. Studies include a wide variety of authors/pastors such as Max Lucado, David Jeremiah, and Chip Ingram.
  • Leaders: Class Members, Scott Crist


  • Where: 2nd Floor, Education Bldg, E-202
  • Who: Median Adults
  • What: This class is designed to help participants apply Biblical principals to their everyday lives though the use of video series, book studies and the Bible. 
  • Leaders: Team-taught by classmates

Open Door        

  • Where: 2nd Floor, Education Bldg, E-200
  • Who: Adults 40 to 60
  • What: Members participate in open discussion using the Bible, book studies and DVDs.
  • Leaders: Velva Barr, Kitten Arehart, Barb Haug


  • Where: Lower Fellowship Hall, 114
  • Who: Ladies from their late 40s into their 80’s+
  • What: A women’s class of about 15 members. We have been celebrating our 39th birthdays for – well – lo these many years. We enjoy wonderful Christian fellowship and love having visitors and new members. Come join us!