What does the Lord require of us? Depending on your interpretation and your scripture at that moment, this answer can differ. What does seem to be the most constant reality, however, is that we are required to do some things. This series looks at different passages and how different things show importance throughout scripture. We beleive each of these topics are vital for our Christian faith and growth towards being a disciple. Which is your favorite? Which is hardest for you to adopt into your daily life?

August 13 | Matthew 25 | Do.Love.Justice

There are sheep and goats. God needs good sheep showing up to care for those in need. This is justice. 

August 20 - Micah 6:8 |  Do.Love.Kindness | Pastor Lacey Preaching

August 27 | Micah 6:1-8 | Do.Love.Humility 

Humility means to regard others as equal if not more important than yourself. We’re to treat each other in our business as well as in our lives fairly, and by choosing this path of humility, we find our way back to God.

September 3 | Lesson: John 21 | Do.Love.Missions

Jesus asks Peter 3 times, “do you love me.” Peter says he does. Jesus responds with, “Feed my sheep. Tend my lambs.” This is missions. We have to feed and tend. The Good Shepherd is still shepherding, it’s our job to grab a bucket. 

September 10 | 2 Peter 3:14-18 | Do.Love.Faith Formation

The close of Peter’s letters he reminds his audience that scripture is nuanced. It’s hard to understand but we are required to grow in the grace of God and that means we must study together. Learn together. We must pursue faith formation together. 

September 17 | Psalm 99 | Do.Love.Worship

We are to extol the Lord because of the Lord’s holiness. We’re to find holy spaces and worship together singing and praising the holiness of the Lord. We worship because God is holy and is worthy of our praise. King David believed this . . . and we should too. 

September 24 | Do.Love.Church | Installation of Pastor Ben

The church is hypocritical. It’s too country club or lazy or outdated. This is what most people believe about the church, and they aren’t completely wrong. But church is also the longest institution ever. It may have some of the worst parts about us . . . but it also has the best. Some of the best things happen at and in and because of church. Ben Brown is one of later. He loves church. He sees it’s potential. He’s dedicated his life to it.