Third century mathematician Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world.” This quote is about fulcrums and leverages, but it might as well be about faith. We all need to be equipped with skills and afforded a place to use those skills. We all need levers and places to stand. The book of Ephesians helps describe what our levers look like and how best to stand as we use them. Each week, this series will pull apart nuggets of wisdom that help describe what tools, skills, and gifts we have to use in the world and where it is best for us to stand in order to use them effectively. 

August 5 | Ephesians 4:1-16 | Finding Our Levers

Ephesians 4 is a wonderful reminder that we all have gifts endowed to us by our Creator. And when we use them, we imitate Christ. When we imitate Christ, we help change the world. 

August 12 | Ephesians 4:25-5.18 | Finding Our Places to Stand 

It does us no good to possess gifts if we have no place to use them. As imitators of Christ, we must learn to stand on new and firm ground that allows us to use our gifts to make the world a better place. This sermon gives seven ways in which we can find solid ground. 

August 19 | Ephesians 5:15-20 | Finding Our Voice

Imitating Jesus helps us find our voice. It helps us find out how we can authentically showcase our humanity to the world while also spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5 gives four responses to what our voice sounds like when we are truly imitating Christ. 

August 26 | Ephesians 6:10-20 | Finding What to Wear

When we step out into the world, we need to wear the right outfit — spiritually speaking. In Ephesians 6, Paul uses the metaphor of armor to help explain what is best for us to “put on” to help us move the world. This sermon will explore what this outfit is and why it is so important.