We follow all the time. We follow instructions, diets, traffic patterns, road signs, advice, cravings, sports scores, college athletics, weather patterns, and laws. We follow because something deep inside longs for something beyond, something more, and it invites us on journey towards it.

You may be craving cereal and and your stomach invites you to journey into the kitchen. You may long for the beach and book a hotel for next month. You may long for meaning in your daily grind, and the Holy Spirit invites you on a spiritual journey towards God. This last one is what Advent is about. 

Christmas calls us to a journey of faith. This journey leads us to a Bethlehem barn to meet our newborn king, and we are guided by a north star. 

December 3 | Mark 1:1-8 | Follow the Star of Hope


December 10 | Luke 2:46b-55 | Follow the Star of Love


December 24 | Luke 2 | Follow the Star of Christmas - Christmas Eve Evening


December 31 | Matthew 2:1-10 | Following the Star | New Year’s Eve - Pastor Lacey