The Psalmist in 36:9 says to God, “In your light, we see light.” Richard Rohr says this light is the “Christ Mystery” meaning everything we see is illuminated by the Christ. I love this idea. This Easter, we’re reminded that Christ came into the world as light, darkness tried to snuff it out, but it couldn’t. Jesus’s resurrection shows us light always outshines the night. Darkness cannot overtake it. To experience this deep truth, all we need to do is reflect on Holy Week. Jesus came into Jerusalem as the light of the world. Some felt threatened by what his light exposed, so they attacked him, lied about him, arrested him, flogged him, all in an attempt to snuff out his light. But they failed. Even in the backdrop of Good Friday, Christ’s light still outshines the night, and we see it dawn every Easter Morn. This Easter, we’re going to worship and share and reflect on the true light in which “we see all light.” And this light is resurrecting me.

April 14 | Palm Sunday | Psalm 36:7-9 & Luke 19:28-40 | A Light to the City

The Triumphal Entry matters. Jesus comes shining a spotlight on all things wrong with where humanity has gotten. Instead of a stallion, he rides a donkey. Instead of an army, he has women and disenfranchised men. He challenges the religious order. He critiques the Temple system. He turns over tables. He argues with priests. He quotes scripture to scribes. He reframes for the political leaders an understanding or blessing and God. In other words, he shines a big spotlight into the city. But they weren’t ready to see it.   

Maundy Thursday | The Light is Betrayed | A Homily by Lacey Wondree

We have betrayed. We have been betrayed. We know the loneliness betrayal brings. Betrayal seeks to put out the light that Christ brings. Hear how Jesus reconciles betrayal and ushers in love.

Good Friday | Cut to Black | A Homily by Nate Dove

The death of Jesus is worst day in human history. It was our attempt at snuffing out the light God brought into the world, for it is the day we kill Jesus. Hear Pastor Nate reflect on how humanity did her best to extinguish God’s light.

April 21 - Easter Sunday | Luke 24:1-12 | By Christ’s Light, We See Light. | Pastor Barrett Preaching

When the stone rolled away, Jesus defeated death. When he stepped out of the grave, he overcame the darkness that tried to bury him. And at that moment, the world changed forever. Since that moment, we’ve felt and seen and experienced God’s light that causes us to see more light. This light matters. How we choose to reflect it matters too.