Because of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is now loose in the world, and we have access to it. Over the course of the summer, we’re diving into a new sermon series on the Holy Spirit seeing new ways to connect to it through “Passages,” “People,” and “Places.” 

One of the clearest ways to connect with the Holy Spirit is through the “passages” of scripture. When we read the Bible, the Spirit comes alive in ways that is unique to our situation. If we open ourselves up enough to the Spirit’s dynamism, we encounter God anew. 

To demonstrate this reality, Pastors Ben and Lacey will join me in the pulpit as all three of us preach from the same Genesis 1 text. Because our stories, personhood, and own listening to the Spirit differ, we arrive at three uniquely different, yet equally important, interpretations. 

And this is ok. As a matter of fact, it would be strange otherwise. We are not static people; rather, we are as dynamic as the Spirit’s involvement in this world, and we are called to lean into this dynamism. One way is by entering the passages of scripture with our full selves and stories; and in so doing, we hear something unique to (and for) us.

Connecting to the Holy Spirit in Passages

June 11 - The Call of Creation: Work - Pastor Ben

June 18 - The Call of Creation: Rest - Pastor Lacey

June 25 - The Call of Creation: Blessing - Pastor Barrett

A second way we we connect the Spirit is through relationships with other people. Matthew 18:20 reminds us that when two or more are gathered, the Spirit is present too. As Christians, we must develop the eyes to see how our relationships connect us to the deepest parts of the Spirit. We are made to be together, and the more we connect, the deeper our understanding of God’s Spirit goes. 

Connecting to the Holy Spirit in People

July 2 - Namaste, Ubuntu, & E Pluribus Unum 

July 9 - The Tzimtzúm of Love

A third way we connect the Spirit is through finding sacred places. Over and over again, scripture holds up intimate spaces for God’s people. Whether it’s the Temple, garden, burning bush, river, well, or synagogue, it’s obvious God cares deeply about us identifying sacred spaces. 

Connecting to the Holy Spirit in Places

July 16 - When Spaces Become Places: Garden

July 23 - When Spaces Become Places: Temple

July 30 - When Spaces Become Places: River

The Holy Spirit is loose, but we can develop the eyes and ears to see and hear it. We just have to learn to connect to it through “passages,” “people,” and “places.”