January 7 | Mark 1:4-11 | The Genius of Jesus: Baptism

Jesus arrives on the scene and instead of forcing an agenda or demanding followership, he humbles himself into the the Jordan River and gets baptized by John. This act inaugurates his earthly ministry in a genius way. What could have been bombastic turned out to be charged with meaning and depth. 

January 14 | John 1:43-51 | The Genius of Jesus: Calling Disciples

 Jesus could have demanded followers, but instead he entices others to “come and see.” This act invites followers in a genius way. 

January 21 | Mark 1:14-20 | The Genius of Jesus: Announcing the Kingdom

Sermon Synopsis - The genius of Jesus’ message is the announcement of the Kingdom of God. Every day of his public ministry, he finds subtle and overt ways to communicate that God’s kingdom is coming and in some cases is already here. 

January 28 | Mark 1:21-28 | The Genius of Jesus: Teaching

The genius of Jesus’ ministry is the way in which he infuses life lessons into everyday discourse. Jesus teaches his disciples, the Pharisees, crowds, strangers, family members, loved ones, and passers-by.  His teachings set him apart from other religious leaders of the day because of the way in which he chooses to share his messages, and the genius of it all is that these teachings still apply today. 

February 4 | Mark 1:29-39 | The Genius of Jesus: Healing the Sick

A genius of Jesus is the irrefutable evidence of seeing someone get up and walk after being healed. You can debate his teachings, dismiss his lifestyle, but you cannot refute the fact that someone gets up and walks after not being able. These acts set Jesus apart, and whether we realize it or not, they are still happening today. 

February 11 | 2 Kings 2:1-12 & Mark 9:2-9 | The Genius of Jesus: Transfiguring

Sermon Synopsis - Readers get the behind-the-scenes tour of Jesus’ life in Mark 9. He takes his closest friends with up on a mountain and we get to go too. Up there, Jesus transfigures into his divine state offering us a glimpse of what heaven looks like on earth. This single act is genius, and it offers us much in terms of faith.