Join us at 5pm for dinner in the Fellowship Hall and 6pm  for in-depth Bible Study. 

How to make dinner reservations

• Call the church office (949-8187). You may leave a message (note that the new phone system requires about eight rings before voice mail picks up)

• Email • Deadline is 2pm each Friday afternoon

• Standing reservations may also be made.

What We’re Learning

Following 5pm dinner, Men Encouraging Men and Don't Mome Alone will meet in the Education Building while Pastor Barrett starts the year off with a 5-Week Series on Loving Our Way Forward by Defining what Unites Us not What Divides Us.

SESSION ONE // Toward the Other with Brian McLaren
SESSION TWO // Honor Everyone with Miroslav Volf
SESSION THREE // The Ultimate Embrace with Bishop Mano Rumalshah SESSION FOUR // The Very Good Gospel with Lisa Sharon Harper SESSION FIVE // Kinship and Kingdom with Father Greg Boyle 

Series on The Work of the People here: